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Hello, My name is Djehane Hassouna... and this is my first blog post...   I grew up in the neighborhood of the pyramid of Giza, Egypt. I was fascinated by the ancient Egyptian culture. I had endless conversations with the Sphinx and the pharaonic historical characters. My greatest pleasure is writing poetry. Ever since my grandfather introduced me to Victor Hugo, who is a remarkable French poet and writer and whose writing reflects history as well as the present, I have been following his example by expressing myself on a deep and sophisticated level. When I first came to the US, in 1962, I only spoke French, Arabic, and Italian; I did not speak English whatsoever.   Since then, I studied in Boston, Vermont, and Pittsburgh. After receiving my Ph.D., I focused exclusively on writing poetry. During that time, unfortunately, I became very sick and I am now using a wheelchair all the time. This was a great setback for my progress, but I kept writing, nevertheless.   I always wanted to publ