Independence Day Yesterday was Independence Day: I truly enjoyed a day of vacation. I intensely watched the fireworks; I kept wishing for Freedom and Liberty. Must independence remain a distant aspiration? An unfulfilled yearning, the unreachable Star, The one wish never to come true, The symbol of inaccessible hope, A Guiding Light too remote to follow? Having spent endless years locked up in The darkness of bondage, I’m waiting For the moment when the clarity of Freedom Will lighten my path as well as what is left of My life. I wish to believe that I am finally about To obtain my Freedom and achieve my Liberty! © Djehane Hassouna, 2006 Rainbow of Emotions, page 136  
Peace on Earth Stop! Don’t aim! Don’t shoot! Listen… It could be me: your teacher or classmate… It could be me: your neighbor, your friend… It could be one of my sisters, anonymous and veiled, Struggling with her burden and her fate, Dragging her lonely life along. It could also be my brother, Carrying the responsibilities of a lifetime… Having several mouths to feed… Will their deaths satisfy you? Make you safer and more secure? Will the destruction of my country Make the world a better place? Is it worth bearing the guilt of murdering, Maiming, burning, and destroying? Will the innocent blood of children, flowing Like rivers, make the world safer? Will gun smoke create anything but Hell? Will the deafening explosion of grenades Ever be erased from your memory? Will the children, growing up orphans, Ever stop cursing your name and Blasting your presence on their land? Will their widows ever cease blaming you For their ordeal and predicament? Forget about Power and Greed! Forget about
Dear Friends: What do you think of my poem: Social Life in the Sky? Social Life in the Sky I cannot tell which bird is carrying on in such a manner; I cannot interpret these recriminations expressed With audacity and persistence! It is the voice of someone Who knows his own rights as well as those of others! It could be a lawyer bird defending his companions Or his clients objecting to their being unjustly treated Or, perhaps, presenting a plea in their favor. It could Also, be a mother bird admonishing her offspring, Setting them on the right path, giving them advice Or teaching them right from wrong! It may be a guide-bird, Taking a group of birds on a tour of the environment, Examining each tree, studying every branch and leaf, Each berry and each fruit… It may also be a police bird, Enunciating the rules and regulations: this is permitted, And this is not allowed. The bird goes on and on; Then, all of a sudden, there is a profound silence. Whatever happened to the bird? I cannot te

5 Star Review by Aimee

I was so happy to see this wonderful review by the talented Aimee Ann.  Thank you so much Aimee! You can see it on her website  RED HEADED BOOK LOVER...   Please check the whole review out...  below is just an excerpt... ".......Rainbow of Emotions is a collection of poems that are some of the most moving poems I have ever read! Rainbow of Emotions is a unique book and its poems will make you feel a host of different emotions. Rainbow of Emotions is a compelling collection of poems written by Djehane Hassouna that really stand out and make an impact and so I highly recommend this book to all those that love poetry or even those that don’t usually! As Rainbow of Emotions is a unique blend of poems that I think anyone can fall in love with. The poems laced throughout Rainbow of Emotions are so brilliant and deeply personal too that I have not been able to stop thinking about them. They explore Djehane’s life and sh

Celestial Fury

  Dear Friends: What do you think of my poem: Celestial Fury?,&page=page%20155 ................................................................................................................................................................................................ Celestial Fury The sky is turning dark before sunset. A roaring Thunderstorm expresses its outrage and dismay At the way the world is going. Each thud is a Loud protest against an overwhelming problem. Boom! For every innocent death! Boom! For every hungry child! Boom! For every injustice, every crime, every Exploitation! Boom! For every senseless kidnapping! Boom! Boom! For every desperate human being Facing a hopeless future with a heart full of sadness! Boom! Boom! For every person deprived of human Rights: freedom, hope, and the right to express an Opinion! Boom! Boom! For every drunken and drugged Bei


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Hello, My name is Djehane Hassouna... and this is my first blog post...   I grew up in the neighborhood of the pyramid of Giza, Egypt. I was fascinated by the ancient Egyptian culture. I had endless conversations with the Sphinx and the pharaonic historical characters. My greatest pleasure is writing poetry. Ever since my grandfather introduced me to Victor Hugo, who is a remarkable French poet and writer and whose writing reflects history as well as the present, I have been following his example by expressing myself on a deep and sophisticated level. When I first came to the US, in 1962, I only spoke French, Arabic, and Italian; I did not speak English whatsoever.   Since then, I studied in Boston, Vermont, and Pittsburgh. After receiving my Ph.D., I focused exclusively on writing poetry. During that time, unfortunately, I became very sick and I am now using a wheelchair all the time. This was a great setback for my progress, but I kept writing, nevertheless.   I always wanted to publ