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5 Star Review by Aimee

I was so happy to see this wonderful review by the talented Aimee Ann.  Thank you so much Aimee! You can see it on her website  RED HEADED BOOK LOVER...   Please check the whole review out...  below is just an excerpt... ".......Rainbow of Emotions is a collection of poems that are some of the most moving poems I have ever read! Rainbow of Emotions is a unique book and its poems will make you feel a host of different emotions. Rainbow of Emotions is a compelling collection of poems written by Djehane Hassouna that really stand out and make an impact and so I highly recommend this book to all those that love poetry or even those that don’t usually! As Rainbow of Emotions is a unique blend of poems that I think anyone can fall in love with. The poems laced throughout Rainbow of Emotions are so brilliant and deeply personal too that I have not been able to stop thinking about them. They explore Djehane’s life and sh